September 16, 2019

What We Do

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The principal purpose of the Magic Mountain Alpine Training Center is to organize, operate and maintain programs, such as the Magic Mountain Alpine Race Team, for the instruction, training and coaching of junior racers and provide an opportunity for them to participate in skiing competition to the fullest extent consistent with their respective skill levels and physical condition. The Magic Mountain Alpine Training Center has great plans for the future of the Magic Alpine Race Team. 


Joe Quirk and his staff of professional coaches are dedicated to the development of young skiers, not only as a racers, but as an individuals. The latest coaching techniques, rooted in fundamentals and racing tactics, create just the right atmosphere for young ski racers to excel. By emphasizing the positive, our coaches inspire racers to set and attain goals and create a positive attitude toward learning. By maintaining a low coach/racer ratio, we are able to provide individualized instruction with constant feedback through the use of two-way radios, timing devices, video analysis and coaches evaluations while training. These techniques have proven effective with racers of varying abilities.

Our coaches truly love the sport of skiing and receive great satisfaction in sharing this love with young racers. Their commitment instills a sense of pride and inspires confidence which assures success not only in racing, but in all aspects of life.

Personal Safety

Safety of the racers is one of our primary considerations and is an inherent part of our training. Our coaches promote safety awareness in all aspects of alpine skiing and racing, whether free skiing, training with gates or an actual race. The racers are taught mountain courtesy and rules and learn how to safely use their bodies in harmony with their equipment to develop natural and efficient skiing techniques.

Team Member Qualifications

The Magic Mountain Alpine Team is a racing program; consequently, a potential Team member must possess basic ski skills before becoming a member of the Team. Specifically, an interested skier should:
Must be able to ski a "blue" slope/run in control (the skier does not have to be making parallel turns, but must be in control and able to stop).
Should be comfortable skiing with ski poles which are an integral part of ski racing (a young racer will be taught their proper use for positioning and timing).
Must be able to get in and out of their skis and equipment without assistance.
If you, as a parent, are unsure as to your young racer's abilities, you may have our coaches evaluate their skiing ability prior to joining the Team. There are a few exceptions based on age and skiing ability, although they are on a case-by-case basis.